Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Engineer

  • Shanghai
  • Partner Engineering

Our Purpose

Improbable believes in a future where new, virtual worlds will augment human experience and become as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We call this the Multiversal Self and believe games are the basis of the future virtual worlds. 

Developers face a variety of risks in game development – from game design to production speed to launch scale. With SpatialOS, we aim to offer the next generation game development technology that helps reduce those risks and enables innovation that is vital to the future of games.

We believe China is leading the world in gaming, and that the next generation of game worlds will be developed by the prosperous Chinese Game Development Community. We are looking for talented individuals to join our Shanghai Office, our core hub and headquarters for APAC Operations. 




Your Mission / Impact


Technical support engineers will work with our team members to deliver our most advanced technologies to customers to ensure that customer requirements and problems are most efficiently addressed within Improbable; To work with customers to create the most exciting multiplayer games;

You will be one of the most important process managers and executors in our company. You will be responsible for assisting our customer project managers in tracking customer tickets and communicating with the various teams within the company related to those tickets.

We need you in this position to have the courage to continually improve existing processes, as well as an extraordinary commitment to solving and tracking problems.

At the same time, this position will bring you extraordinary internal and external project experience, greatly satisfying your sense of accomplishment.


  • 高效、准确地识别和解决客户问题。
  • 通过跟进服务工单和引导升级必要的案子来掌握客户需求。
  • 与我们的内部工程团队合作,分流技术问题。
  • 与我们的社区团队合作,整理引擎集成、文档和指导教程的反馈。
  • 与我们的开放平台社区互动,为客户提供直接支持,并与团队互动,提供快速响应。

  • Identifying and troubleshooting customer issues efficiently and accurately.
  • Taking ownership of customer needs by following up with tickets, and escalating internally where necessary.
  • Working with our internal engineering teams to triage technical issues.
  • Working with our community teams to collate feedback on our engine integrations, documentation, and tutorial content.
  • Engaging with our open platform community, and providing direct support to customers as well as engaging with the team to provide quick responses.


  • 优秀的团队协作能力;
  • 对软件项目的运作有比较好的洞见;
  • 能熟练的使用问题追踪软件,如JIRA;
  • 擅长分析复杂事件的来龙去脉;
  • 优秀的表达和交流能力;很好代码阅读能力,包括(不限于)以下语言:C/C++, JAVA, Objective-C 等;

  • Explain what skills the candidate has and why they are important/necessary to the business (focus on impact this will have, milestone it will achieve, feature it will unlock, etc)
  • Excellent team work ability;
  • Good insight into the operation of software projects;
  • Proficient in using problem tracking software such as JIRA;
  • Good at analyzing the context of complex events;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Good code reading skills, including (but not limited to) C/C++, JAVA, Objective-C, etc.
Equal Opportunity
The best ideas are often the least expected and require new ways of thinking; that’s why our teams at Improbable are made up of an incredible range of talented people. Improbable is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, colour, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.