IT Support Analyst

IT Support Analyst

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作为一支在上海的专门 IT 支持团队的一部分,你将有一个独特的机会,在一个尖端的IT部门开启一段职业生涯。你将加入一个由经验丰富的IT支持人员组成的团队,并将负责支持一个由经验丰富的游戏开发人员和系统工程师组成的大型团队。

作为Improbable的IT支持分析师,你将主要负责帮助支持我们的开发团队,重点是高级台式机和笔记本电脑硬件构建。 您需要利用您的经验来解决技术硬件的故障,解决系统问题,维护入职流程,管理访问控制,并将经常协助全球 IT 团队在不同办公室部署实施项目。

我们正在努力利用最新的硬件系统和云托管技术来管理、构建和支持我们的组织。我们的共同目标是通过加快全球范围内的IT系统和服务,使 Improbable 实现我们的发展目标。

Your Mission:

As part of a dedicated IT Support team in London, you will have a unique opportunity to build a career in a cutting edge IT department. You will join a team of experienced IT support staff and will be tasked with supporting a large team of experienced game developers and system engineers.

As an IT Support Analyst at Improbable you will be primarily responsible for helping support our development teams with a focus on high-level desktop and laptop hardware builds.  You will need to use your experience in troubleshooting technical hardware, fixing system issues, maintaining onboarding processes, managing access control and will often be assisting in the deployment of global IT initiatives across our international office locations.

We’re working to leverage the latest hardware systems and cloud hosting technologies in order to manage, build and support our organisation. Our common goal is to enable Improbable to meet our development goals by accelerating IT systems and services worldwide. 

影响范围 Areas of Impact

  • 通过IT支持加速开发
  • 优化调整我们的硬件规格,以适应角色的需要
  • 在我们的入职流程中推进用户体验
  • 在我们向用户部署混合云游戏主机服务过程中提供支持

  • Accelerating development through IT support
  • Fine tuning our hardware specifications to tailor for the role
  • Advancing the user experience in our onboarding process
  • Supporting the deployment of our hybrid cloud games hosting service to the user

如果你认同以下几点,我们想听听你的意见 We'd like to hear from you if you identify with the following

  • 你享受从头开始搭建一台工作站的过程
  • 掌握最新的桌面硬件技术
  • 享受快节奏的团队支持环境
  • 争取做到最好
  • 在桌面支持 IT 领域有很好的表现
  • 喜欢游戏和游戏开发
  • 在您的工作团队活跃并参与社交
  • 熟悉谷歌服务,包括谷歌云
  • 广泛使用Windows操作系统

  • You enjoy building machines from scratch
  • Are up to speed with the very latest in desktop hardware technologies
  • Enjoy a fast paced team focussed support environment
  • Aims for best in class
  • Are an established high performer within the desktop support IT space
  • Love games and game development
  • Active and social within your working team
  • Are familiar with Google Services including Google Cloud
  • Worked extensively with Windows OS
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