Unreal Engineer | Unreal引擎工程师

Unreal Engineer | Unreal引擎工程师

  • Shanghai
  • Distributed Game Engine

Our Mission

Provide best-in-class gaming experiences for customers using the Unreal GDK. This means supporting all platforms which are supported by Native Unreal, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and consoles. We are growing our expertise of both Unreal and SpatialOS so that we provide the best possible solutions to our market. Our on-going commitment to mobile means that we are always available to solve mobile specific issues. Our future focus is to deliver high-value UnrealGDK features to our markets with ever increasing quality.

About us

Our team contributes to core features of the Unreal GDK product, including mobile and zoning support. We work across components to provide solutions that are simple yet robust. We believe in high quality and we strive to always improve the quality of our product, the quality of our work, and the quality of ourselves.

Our Impact

Our team works directly with our first party studios to provide key functionality in the Unreal GDK. This work has included developing workflow improvements for building and testing Unreal games on mobile devices as well as participating in weekly playtests to understand how the mobile gaming experience feels. Most recently, our team has been developing zoning specific test scenarios in Unreal example projects to understand and measure performance of our zoning technology. We will be working with our first party studios to ensure the zoning specific features meet their necessary performance requirements. We directly impact the customers by delivering features that enable them to build amazing games.


使用Unreal GDK为客户提供一流的游戏体验。这意味着支持所有被Native Unreal支持的平台,包括Android、iOS、PC、Mac和主机。我们正在拓展Unreal和SpatialOS方面的专业知识,以便我们能够为市场提供最好的解决方案。我们对移动领域有着长期的投入,并愿意随时解决移动领域的各种具体问题。我们未来的重点是向市场提供高质量、高价值的Unreal GDK功能。


我们的团队的贡献主要在虚幻 Unreal GDK产品的核心功能,包括移动平台和分区支持。我们的工作涉及多个产品组件。我们的目标是提供简单而强大的解决方案。我们追求高质量,一直努力提高产品的质量、工作的质量和我们自己的质量。



我们的团队直接与游戏工作室合作,在Unreal GDK中提供关键功能。改进在移动设备上构建和测试游戏的开发流程,参与每周的游戏测试,了解移动游戏体验的感受。最近,我们的团队一直在开发示例项目中的分区测试场景,以此了解和衡量我们分区技术的性能。我们将与游戏工作室合作,以确保分区功能满足他们的性能要求。我们开发的功能具有直接的影响,能够帮助客户开发出令人惊叹的游戏。


  • Develop and support SpatialOS and Unreal GDK
  • Create example applications and work with first party studios
  • Perform evaluation of new features on a variety of platforms including mobile devices
  • Coordinate with global development teams to identify and provide features based on market requirements
  • Design and implement workflows for successful product development using SpatialOS and Unreal GDK

  • 职责:
  • 您的职责是帮助我们开发Unreal GDK和SpatialOS的核心功能。
  • 开发和支持SpatialOS和Unreal GDK。
  • 创建示例应用程序并与第一方工作室合作
  • 对包括移动设备在内的各种平台的新功能进行评估。
  • 与全球开发团队协调,根据市场需求确定并提供开发功能。
  • 使用SpatialOS和Unreal GDK设计并成功实现产品开发的工作流程。

Requirements & Outcome

  • As an Engineer in the Unreal Team at Improbable, you’ll be responsible for designing, building and deploying the tools our customers use to develop their next generation Unreal games. This includes example applications and best practices to help our customers accelerate their development process. You will participate in play tests, work with Partner Engineering and Product Managers to define new features, and implement those features.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Unreal Engine 4, our team will be primarily focused on customers using the Unreal GDK, your knowledge of Unreal will be vital for implementing feature requests and improving our Unreal GDK product.
  • C/C++, while we expect you are versatile enough to work with any language, our primary development language will be C/C++.

  • 职位要求和成果
  • 作为Improbable Unreal团队的工程师,您将负责设计、构建和部署我们客户用于开发下一代虚幻游戏的工具。这包括应用实例和最佳实践,以帮助我们的客户加快他们的开发进程。您将参与游戏测试,与合作伙伴工程和产品经理一起定义新功能,并实现这些功能。
  • 了解虚幻引擎4,我们的团队将主要关注使用Unreal GDK的客户,您的知识对于实现功能需求和改进我们的Unreal GDK产品至关重要。
  • C/C++专业技能,虽然我们希望您能使用任何语言进行工作,但我们的主要开发语言将是C/C++,您的专业技能将确保我们在为客户提供巨大价值的同时提高我们的质量标准。

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