Game Solution Engineer |游戏解决方案工程师

Game Solution Engineer |游戏解决方案工程师

  • Shanghai
  • Partner Engineering

Our Purpose

Improbable believes in a future where new, virtual worlds will augment human experience and become as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We call this the Multiversal Self and believe games are the basis of the future virtual worlds. 

Developers face a variety of risks in game development – from game design to production speed to launch scale. With SpatialOS, we aim to offer the next generation game development technology that helps reduce those risks and enables innovation that is vital to the future of games.

We believe China is leading the world in gaming, and that the next generation of game worlds will be developed by the prosperous Chinese Game Development Community. We are looking for talented individuals to join our Shanghai Office, our core hub and headquarters for APAC Operations. 

Your Mission



is to understand the core concepts of SpatialOS and to be someone who helps the partner studios to build their game. A GSE helps design, advice and support partners in implementing critical gameplay or gameplay-related systems that will be technically robust for large-scale, complex games.


  • 深度理解spatialOS产品的基础上,为客户提供高效整体的技术解决方案
  • 设计与实施客户游戏产品的spatialOS产品集成计划
  • 协调公司相关团队和资源,为客户游戏研发提供整体的技术支持
  • 研究客户技术需求,充份理解客户的游戏研发流程和技术实现方案

  • Investigate and provide comprehensive solution for customer games based on spatialOS product
  • Design and Implement plan for integration of spatialOS product with customer game project
  • Organize resources to support the whole process for customer support
  • Investigate customer technical requirement and understanding customer game development process


  • 对游戏或游戏开发有一定热情和认知。
  • 具备实现游戏玩法或游戏元素(如战斗机制、AI行为、寻路)、游戏架构和游戏开发模式(如实体组件系统)的知识。
  • 优秀的沟通和团队技能,有能力与非技术性的利益相关者(如制片人、艺术家、设计师)进行沟通,并从创意或设计主导的投稿中确立技术要求。
  • 能够定义和理解游戏设计文档和技术设计文档的要素。
  • 具有全面的专业阅读和写作能力,英语会话能力。

  • Demonstrable knowledge and passion for games and/or game development
  • Knowledge of implementing gameplay or elements of gameplay (e.g., combat mechanics, AI behaviours, pathfinding), game architectures and game development paradigms (e.g., entity component systems)
  • Excellent communication and team skills; with the ability to communicate with both non-technical stakeholders (e.g., producers, artists, designers) and establish technical requirements from creative or design-led pitches
  • Ability to define and understand elements of game design documents and technical design documents
  • Full professional proficiency in reading and writing, conversational English

Experience of the following would be advantageous

  • Previous experience with shipping a game
  • Previous experience with implementing features for multiplayer games
Equal Opportunity
The best ideas are often the least expected and require new ways of thinking; that’s why our teams at Improbable are made up of an incredible range of talented people. Improbable is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, colour, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.